We contribute to the success of small and large businesses, attracting the right attention thanks to our high quality printings

About NESA:

Nueva Editorial, S.A. (NESA) was founded in 1921 in San Sebastian (province of Guipuzcoa), initially as a printing company for books and transport tickets.

In the sixties the company moved to lrun, where its headquarters are now located, and began manufacturing continuous paper for computers, a product then of recent invention. This activity continues today.

With the new century, NESA began the activity of printing self-adhesive labels; for this purpose, NESA has two flexographic machines with 6 and 7 colors with UVI drying, and also other machines for hot stamping, embossing, numbering, screen varnish / swelling varnish and offset.

We have a wide variety of papers we could use for your products (laid, matte, glossy etc.), as well as powerful adhesives that have to withstand difficult conditions, such as low temperatures, extreme humidity or dryness. 

At NESA, we will advise you on the creation of your brands; we will take care of the creation of your logos and their application to your range of labels, the production of your illustrations with the graphic style of your choice, the adaptation of any existing labels, which may thus be modified or improved.

Our labels are subject to rigorous quality controls in order to ensure that the product meets the requirements and needs of our customers.

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